CV, Gear & Info

CV – 2020



The following is a current list of gear I own and operate with. I also have access to additional gear if necessary.

Cooper Sound 106+1 Analog Mixer
Sound Devices 888 Mixer/Recorder (16 Ch) w/ Icon Platform M+
Zoom F3 2-Ch 32 bit float recorder w/ timecode

— KMR-81 i Supercardioid Condensor (2)
— Scheops CMC4-MK41 Blue Dot Supercardioid Capsule [P.Verrando Upgrade to v5] Sennheiser
— MKH50 Supercardioid Condensor
— MKH416 F Supercardioid Condensor [Rare Build – Flat Response] Audio Technica AT2021 Cardioid Condensor
Electro-Voice CH15E Hypercardioid Condensor
— VP64AL Dynamic [Long Handle Reporter / Host Style] — 545 Unidyne III Dynamic
— SM57 Dynamic
— SM58 Beta Dynamic
DPA 6061 Lavaliers (4)
DPA 6060 Lavaliers (2)
Countryman B6 Red Dot Miniature Lavalier
Countryman B6 Miniature Lavalier

— MCR54 4-Channel Receiver (2)
— MPT41s Transmitter (4)
— MPT60 Transmitter (4)
— UM250b / UM200c [B22] (2)IFB
— BST 75 216 Transmitter (1)
— M-216 P7 Transmitter (1)
— PR-216 Receiver w/ Halter Technical Headphones (10)

Denecke TS-2sb Timecode Slate (Color Bars)
Tentacle Sync (TC Sync Boxes for Camera) (2)
Atomos Ultrasync One
Atomos Ultrasync Blue
Betso TCX-2+ Wireless Timecode Box (4)

Boom Poles
Ambient QP4140 – 17’7″
Ambient QP580 – 10’9″
Film Devices Travel Boom – 5’7″


Pro Tools 12
Asus ZenBook UX550GE
Custom Built PC w/ Intel Xeon Quad-Core Processing, SSD, & 18Gb Ram
RME Fireface 800 Audio Interface
Tannoy Reveal 802 Studio Monitors
Dynaudio Custom Built Studio Monitors
M-Audio Radium 49 MIDI Keyboard
PlugIns from Izotope (RX 9 Advanced, Iris, Ozone, Nectar & Alloy), URS, PSP, TC Native, Focusrite, & IK Multimedia
VST Synths: HALion, Omnisphere, Jupiter, Moog, Arturia, Prophet, Steinberg, Philharmonik & Addictive Drums
50,000+ Sound FX from Sony, Turner, Hollywood Edge/Premiere, LucasFilm & BBC and more

Music Gear
MicroKorg Synthesizer
1990 Ibanez AS-120 Semi-Hollow
2002 Fender GA-45SCE Grand Auditorium Acoustic/Elec.
Mesa Boogie Nomad 45 Tube Amplifier (4xEL84 Power Tubes, 5x12AX7 Pres, Spring Reverb & 3 CH Gain)
SK Fuzz Pedal (Custom Built by Spence Koehler of The Stone Foxes)
Dunlop Volume Pedal
Pigtronix Echolution Delay Pedal
TC Electronics Flashback x4 Delay Pedal

Please refer to my Pre Production Inquiry List to help ensure we have a smooth day.

For narrative works, I should be involved with the location scouts.

Additionally, you can use to get a sense of what noise is like at your desired locations.  If we are shooting exteriors in or near a red zone, please consider if this location is absolutely necessary.

* Please consider these issues when planning tight schedules and magic-hour shots.

Great sound takes COLLABORATION WITH THE ENTIRE PRODUCTION (beginning with pre-production). I encourage you to read “An Open Letter from your Sound Department” and help me help you create the best possible sound-track of your talents’ performance.

Making Productions Green SAVES YOU MONEY!
In an effort to be Eco-Friendly, I primarily use Rechargeable NiMh batteries and only purchase a smaller number of lithium-ions for certain situations and backup. This SAVES YOU MONEY and KEEPS OUR PLANET HAPPIER! I charge a small daily fee to keep my stock replenished, as their cycles wear out per-use. Your savings on my invoice.
For More Ways You Can Go Green and Save Money: