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All projects are built different.
If you already have a budget, please let me know that
along with what we are trying to accomplish sonically and I will do my best to accommodate.
Requests without context or budget will receive my standard rate quote.



“Easy’s Waltz” Dir Nic Pizzolatto || Feature [Sound Technician for Mr Pacino]
“Rolling Loud CA 2024 Livestream” Sprite / Pace Media Productions || Live Broadcast
“Franks It with Jason Kelce” PDK Films || Commercial
“Modi” Dir Johnny Depp || Feature [Sound Technician for Mr Pacino]
“Mob Cops” Dir Danny A. Abeckaser || Feature
“Disney Holiday Special” Disney / Film 45 || Documentary
“BravoCon 2023” NBC / Cannonball Productions || Live Event ENG
“Mean Girls Promo” Paramount / CMP Film & Design || Commercial [Boom]
“Brainstorm” Seed Systems Inc || Documentary
“HPE Discover 2023 – Livestream” Hewlett Packard / Red Thread Productions || Live Broadcast
“Quicksilver: Holiday Night Fever” Capital One / Hungry Man Productions || Commercial [Boom]
“Capital One: Grinch” Capital One / Hungry Man Productions || Commercial [Boom]
“Spectrum One” Spectrum / Miracle Films || Commercial [Boom]
“Million Dollar Game” Believe Ltd || Documentary
“Forty-Seven Days with Jesus” Dir David M Gutel & Emili Palame  || Feature [Sound Utility]
“Rolling Loud CA 2023 Livestream” Google / Pace Media Productions || Live Broadcast
“Knox Goes Away” Dir Michael Keaton || Feature [Sound Technician for Mr Pacino]
“Billy Knight” Dir Alec Roth || Feature [Sound Technician for Mr Pacino / Sound Utility]
“Power Dynamics” Dir Nicole Byer || Sundance Short
“Hey Boo” Dir Logan Browning || Sundance Short
“Night Off” Dir Tika Sumpter || Sundance Short
“Live from Black Hat 2022 with Axonius” Frames in Motion || Live Streaming
“Transplant” Di Jason Park || Feature [Boom Op]
“Moon Knight – Promo” Marvel / Premiere TV || Promo
“Access Hollywood” Hungry Man || Commercial [Boom Op]
“Martin Reunion” BET || TV Special/Digital Content
“NAACP Awards – Promo” BET || Digital Content
“Amplified Artists – Muni Long” BET || Digital Content
“I Love That For You – Promo” Showtime/Viacom || Promo
“Amazon Cyber Security” Amazon/Black Market || Commercial [Boom Op]
“Goldfish MegaBites – Bigger, Bolder, Cheesier” Hungry Man || Commercial [Boom Op]
“Rolling Loud CA 2021 Livestream” TwitchTV / Pace Media Productions || Live Broadcast
“PetCo Holiday Special – LIVE” Group Nine Media/PopSugar || Digital Content [A2]
“The Inspection” Dir Elegance Bratton (A24) || Feature [Sound Utility]
“Holiday Gift Guide” Group Nine Media/PopSugar || Digital Content
“Black Karen” Dir Meagan Good || Sundance Short
“Take the Job!” Dir Bresha Webb || Sundance Short
“Buddy and Bernice” Dir Gabrielle Dennis || Sundance Short
“The Grotto” Dir Joanna Gleason || Feature [Boom Op]
“Selling Sunset (Season 4 & 5)” Netflix || Reality Series [A2]
“Anything’s Possible” Dir Billy Porter || Feature [Sound Utility – Addit Unit]
“The Hunters” Amazon Prime Video || TV Series [Sound Utility – Day Player]
“Kart Dads” Amazon Prime Video || Reality Series [Sound Mixer- Addit Unit]
“Naked & Afraid of Love – S01E12” Discovery || TV Series Special [A2]
“The Prank” Dir Maureen Baroocha || Feature [Boom Op]
“Midea: Duo Cube” The Roster || Commercial
“The Speed Project 2021” Blue Ox Films /On Running || Documentary/Branded Content
“Run & Gun” Christopher Borrelli || Feature [Addit Unit]
“Coach – Fall/Winter 21” Other Half Creative || Commercial
“Einstein Challenge” Citizen Jones || Pilot [A2]
“Neon Highway” Dir William Wages || Feature  [Boom Op]
“Drama Club” Nickelodeon || TV Series [Sound Utility]
“9 Bullets” Dir Gigi Gaston || Feature [Sound Utility]
“Everything Everywhere All At Once” Dir Daniel Kwan & Daniel Scheinert (A24) || Feature [Boom Op – Add. Unit]
“Explain It” Citizen Jones || TV Pilot [A2]
“Ya Tu Sabes” Nosotros/NBC || Docu/Live
“The Joy Series” OpenLight / Steph Curry || Documentary
“Hollywood Vampire Control” Svelte Dog Productions || Feature Spec
“Biggie Billboards” OnlyCh1ld || Commercial
“The Potwins” Right & Funny Productions || TV Series [Boom Op]
“Secret Nature” Sestri Levante || Commercial
“Good Girl Jane” Dir Sarah Elizabeth Mintz || Feature [Sound Utility]
“Kirby Jenner” E! Entertainment / QuiBi || TV Series [Boom Op]
“Counting On: S11E07” TLC / Figure 8 Films || Reality [2nd Unit]
“Amstel Light” Anonymous Content || Commercial [Boom Op]
“GLOW Fitness” PopSugar || Fitness
“Sony 360 Sound: Bea Miller” Livenation || Doc/Promo
“Meringue” Dir Alex Cenepa|| Short
“The Art of Protest” CMD Films/Indecline || Documentary
“NAC: Lauv” LiveNation || Mockumentary
“Art My Way: Morely, Ep5” || Docu-Series
“The Blessed” Dir Jason Bognacki || Feature
“Marian” Follow The Art Productions || Documentary
“WannaBe” Gen Pop || Short
“Ambajaay” Dance On || Documentary
“Slayed By Divya” Prod Max Carlson || Short
“Mama’s Boy – MLB Hispanic Heritage” DECA Creative/Joe Agency || Docu-Reality
“Hometown Boys” Parent’s Basement Films|| Pilot
“Tell Her” Dir Aleksandr Molochnikov || Feature [Boom Op]
“Amazon Prime Video Experience, SDCC 2019” DECA Creative/Amazon Prime Video|| Documentary/Live Event
“Petals Through Pavement” Tastemade/REI || Documentary
“Goodbye, America” Dir Sarik Andreasyan || Feature [Boom Op]
“The GOOP Lab” Boardwalk Pictures/GOOP || Docu-Reality Series [A2]
“Bambini Furtuna” Stories & Objects || Marketing
“Just Like You and Me” Dir Robert Davis || Feature
“Soulmate(s)” Dir Timothy Armstrong || Feature
“86 Melrose Avenue”  Dir Lili Matta || Feature [Boom Op/Day Player]
“Attack of the Unknown” Dir Brandon Slagle || Feature [Boom Op/Day Player]
“Art My Way: BumbleBeeLovesYou, Ep4” || Docu-Series/ Branded Content
“The Resort” Dir Taylor Chien || Feature
“Cerebrum” Dir Arvi || Feature [Boom Op / 2nd Unit Mixer]
“Family Meal” 1st Avenue Machine || Sizzle
“The Lawyer” Dir Anthony Guadioso || Short
“Ryan Garcia: Promo” BRAT || Commercial/Promotional
“Boss Cheer: Promo” BRAT || Commercial/Promotional
“Art My Way: Lindsay Rapp, Ep3” || Docu-Series/Branded Content
“Dally & Spanky” Dir Camille Stochitch || Feature [Boom Op/Day Player]
“Ciroc – Black Rasberry” Underdog || Commercial
“It Lives Below” Prod John Moore || Feature Spec
“Cricket Wireless – Dating Game” Black Market || Commercial [Boom Op]
“Two Birds” Prod. Robby Piantanida || Short
“I Love You America Promo” Hulu || Commercial [Boom Op]
“FullCycle” Futurism Creative || Marketing/Promotional
“Mitsubishi Owner’s Day” BSSP || Documentary/Branded Content
“VH1: Save with Music” Underdog & Ciroc Studios || Documentary/Live Event
“Baker’s Dozen” Believe Limited || TV Series
“Malibu Dan” Pure Flix & Dual Visions || TV Series
“Ciroc: Women’s Empowerment Brunch” Beverly Boy Productions || Documentary/Live Event
“Incredibles Day” Pixar/BC Live Productions || Live Event [A2]
“Betting on Amanda” Dir Quentin Ransohoff || Short [Boom Op]
“Art My Way: Nicki Frates, Ep2” || Docu-Series/Branded Content
“Keratin Complex” Rogers & Cowan || Corporate
“Art My Way: Jabu, Ep1” || Docu-Series//Branded Content
“Chronic Tacos – Brand Origin” Global Media || Corporate
“Adidas GBC” Sockeye || Documentary/Branded Content
“Shadow Wolves” Dir McKay Daines|| Feature [Boom Op]
“Tailgate Wedding” Tane Digital/Johnsonville || Docu/Branded Content
“Let This Love Live On” Tane Digital/Glad || Docu/Branded Content
“Cody Simpson & The Tide, BTS” Group Project Co || Documentary
“Hollywood Darlings, Season 2” All3 Media/PopTV || TV Series [Boom Op]
“Nick Jonas-Find You (Acoustic)” Philymack || Music Video (Tracked Live)
“Curious Customs” Void Denizen || Short
“Saboreando 2” Underdog/Coca Cola/Univision || Digital Series
“Nick Jonas, BTS” Philymack || Documentary
“What Happened” Lions Gate || Docu-Series
“The Hunter” Acapella Pictures || Short
“Man Child” NetworkBe || Reality Series Pilot
“The Gleaner” Dir Harry Lennix || Series Pilot
“When We Were Pirates” Prod Rafael J. Noble || Feature Sizzle
“Dr Sugar” Dir Paul Saleba || Series Pilot
“L’Oreal Incubators” Dir Brian Choy || Commercial/Marketing
“ShredNet” New Kingdom Productions || Corporate/Instructional
“Glass Jaw” Dir Jeff Celentano || Feature Film
“The Nightbreed” Jargon Entertainment || Pilot/Sizzle
“Escape: Puzzle of Fear” Thriller Films || Feature Film
“BLO” Dir Sveinn Ingimundarson || Short
“Coven” Thriller Films || Feature Film
“Bartender” Dir Craig Tovey & Ryan Lagod || Short
“Drunk Girl Won’t Leave” Funny or Die || Web Short
“High Expectasians” Rock Paper Noodle || Web Series
“Saboreando 1” Univision/Coca Cola/Underdog || Docu-Series/Branded Content
“Rebellion: A Star Wars Story” Dir Geoff Reisner || Short
“Seedless” Dir Temi Ojo || Short
“#Captured” Thriller Films || Feature Film
“Thrive Gives” Thrive Market || Documentary/Branded Content
“Religion of Sports: Ep 5 – Birth of a Religion (The New Gods)” Dirty Robber & DirecTV || TV Series
“David Ortiz: The Last Walk Off, Ch 4” ESPN & Dirty Robber || Short
“They’re After Us” Prod/Dir Simone Dawes || Short
“Ishkin” Prod Victoria Schneider|| Short Film
“Mancave: XHamster Beer” Prod Medabela || Commercial
“Love & Waffles” Hollywood Premiere Party || Short
“Public Art Challenge” Bloomberg/Prom Creative|| Documentary
“Some Place Chronicles” Prod Kelly Parker|| Documentary
“The Fast and The Fierce” Asylum/Broken Films || Feature Film
“The Jump” Dir Alex Raiman || Feature Teaser
“Word is Bond” Mass Appeal/Sprite || Documentary/Branded Content
“In the Shadow of the Rainbow” Dir Blaise Godbe Lipman || Feature Spec
“Sotheby’s Realty International” REP Interactive || Marketing
“California” DB Pro LLC || Short
“Shooting Strangers” UCB Comedy || Short
“Here, Now, After” We Are Famous/Kia || Documentary/Branded Content
“Lost L.A. – Reshaping L.A.” KCET || Documentary
“Racing Colt” Dir Scott Damian/Heather Provost || Feature Film
“Fireboys” Dir Jake Hochendoner/Drew Dickler || Documentary
“I Heard Something” Prod Mary Lou Belli || Short
“First World Helpline” Prod David Rodriquez || Short
“Dog Moms” Prod Lisa Linke || Web Series
“Win From Within: Beth Gerdes” Gatorade Endurance || Documentary/Branded Content
“DampRid” DampRid/James Okubo Productions || Commercial
“Life is Good: Grow the Good Tour” Prod Soul Pancake || Documentary/Branded Content
“Spade & Marlowe: The Curse of the Scorpion Ring” Prod/Dir Chad Coe || Web Series
“Alma Ruiz: We are OK” KCET || Documentary
“The Next Big Thing” LipMan Productions || Feature
“By Any Other Name” The Following Productions || Short
“Game Girls Project” Dir Alina Skrzeszewska || Documentary
“The Gloaming” Dir Helen Stringer || Series Pilot
“Weekend With The Family” Dir Chris Stokes || Feature Film
“When I Grow Up” Dir Sam Malko || Series Pilot
“After The Storm” Dir Jessica Oyelowo || Short
“The Bluffs” Thread & Story, LLC || Series Pilot
“BoysTown, Season 3” Prod/Dir Ricky Riedling || TV Series
“Radiant Atmospheres” Dir. Alyssa Moran || Documentary
“Dean of Cleveland” Prod Reconnaissance Pictures || Documentary
“Will to Love” Footage Films/TV One || TV Feature
“American Quagmire” Pepp Digital Media || Feature Film
“Fake” Mad Mad Michael Productions || Feature Film
“Use of Force” Aljazeera America / Endless Eye|| Documentary
“Hidden Radio Hub” Colin M Day Films || Kickstarter Video
“The Last Course” Remedy4Mercury Productions || Short Film
“A Beautiful Angle” Dir. Xiaochen Jiang || Short Film
“Apple” Dir. Chexi Li || Short Film
“Wasted” Batfish Productions || Comedy Short
“Scattered” Prod. Tari Owei/Andras Fargas || Short Film
“Mama” Dir. Xinyi Li || Short Film
“Remote” Batfish Productions || Comedy Short
“Romeo is Bleeding” Prod. Michael Klein || Documentary
“The Dartmouth Review Pleads Innocent” Dir. David Rufful || Documenatry
“Nothing” Translumin Productions || Series Short
“Next Game Boss, Season 1” IGN/Reveille || Reality TV
“Activist State” Dir. Jonathan Craig || Documentary
“Seedstore” American Express || Commercial
“Trainers, Ep. 1 & 2” Dir. Chris Allen || Fictional Reality, Pilot
“Wild Dancers” Dir. Kyle Nelson || Children’s TV, Pilot
“Country Fixins” Dir. Adam Gascho || SAG Short
“Not Funny” Innovative Studios || Web Short
“Truckee” Dir. Catie Roads || Short Film
“Deeper Than Sex” Tina Le / High Ground Sound || Podcast
“Lamborghini Huracán EVO: THE CHASE” Dir Morgan Oliver-Allen || Commercial || Sound FX
“Hometown Boys” Parent’s Basement Films|| Pilot || Sound Editor, Designer, Mixer
“HRE Wheel Pro 3D” HRE Wheels Pro || Corporate || Sound Editor
“Global Workplace Services, Miniseries” LinkedIn || Corporate || Sound & Video Editor
“Hometown Boys – Pitch” Parent’s Basement Films|| Marketing || Sound Editor, Designer, Mixer
“Webflow – Use of Case” Prod. Ian Boldon || Web Tutorial || Sound Editor
“Lab Ra Kazam: Season 01” Natural 9 Entertainment || TV Series || Sound Designer
“Curious Customs” Void Denizen || Short ||  Sound Editor, Mixer & Designer
“Battle Buddy” aL2 Productions || Short || Sound Editor, Mixer & Designer
“Deloitte: Greenhouse” The Glossary || Commerical || Sound Editor/Mixer
“Life is Good: Good Stories” Soul Pancake || Documentary/Web || Sound Editor/Mixer
“The Chase: Playboy Condoms” Prod Nadzeya Husnikava/Playboy || Commercial || Sound Designer
“Where the Bears Are: NYE Special” Dir Joe Dietl || Comedy Web Series ||Sound Designer/Mixer
“A Beautiful Angle” Dir Xiaochen Jiang || Short ||Sound Designer
“Self” Dir Ke Shi || Short || Sound Design
“Life is Good: Grow the Good Tour” Prod Soul Pancake || Documentary/Web Campaign || Sound Editor/Mixer
“Bourne Elimination” Dir Kevin Barile || Short || Sound Designer
“Nothing” Translumin Productions || Comedy Short || Sound Designer
“Ukranium” Translumin Productions || Comedy Short || Sound Designer
“Activist State” Prod Jonathan Craig || Documentary || Sound Designer
“Only One Word” Dir Brian Emerick || Short || Sound Designer





Trusted Brands. Quality Sound.

Mixers & Recorders

Sound Devices 888 Mixer/Recorder (16 Ch)

Sound Devices 442 Field Mixer (4Ch/ENG)
Cooper Sound 106+1 Analog Mixer (7Ch/Vintage Preamps)
Icon Platform M+/D2 Mixing Controller
Zoom F3 2-Ch 32-bit float timecode recorder 
Motu M4 USB-C Interface (4 Ch In/Out)


Wisycom MPT60 w/32-bit Recording (x4)
 MPT41s (x4)

Lectrosonics UM250b Transmitter [Blk22]

Lectrosonics UM200c Transmitter [Blk22]
Lectrosonics UM200b Transmitter [Blk22]


Wisycom MCR54 4-Channel Rx (2)
Lectrosonics UCR205d Receiver [Blk22] (x2)


Comtek BST 75 216 Transmitter
Comtek M-216 Option P7 Transmitter
Comtek PR-216 Receiver w/ Headphones (x11)
West End Recording 2 Ch Comm/IFB Box [w/ Mic Mute/Push-to-Talk]


Denecke TS-2sb Smart Slate
Betso TCX-2+ Wireless Syncing Box (x4)
Tentacle Sync [DSLR 2 Ch - TC/Scratch Mic] (x2)
Atomos Ultrasync One
Atomos Ultrasync Blue [for bluetooth devices]



Neumann KMR-81 i Supercardioid  (x2)
Scheops CMC4-MK41 Supercardioid
Sennheiser MKH50 Supercardioid
Sennheiser MKH416 F Supercardioid [Rare Variant – Flat Response]
Audio Technica AT2021 Cardioid
Electro-Voice CH15E Hypercardioid


DPA 6061 High SPL (x8)
DPA 6060 Low SPL (x2)
Wilcox Sound Push-to-Talk 


Shure VP64AL [Long Handle] (x2)
Shure 545 Unidyne III [Vintage]
Shure SM57
Shure SM58 Beta [Vocal]
Remote Audio SM58 Push-To-Talk 

IEM / Earwig

Phonak Rogers Basestation Transmitter 
Phonak Rogers Earpiece V2 Receiver [Beige]
Phonak Rogers Earpiece V2 Receiver [Brown]
Phonak Rogers Repeater

Boom Poles

Ambient QP4140 – 17’7″
Ambient QP580 – 10’9″
Film Devices Travel Boom – 5’7″

PLUS an arsenal of tools and solutions

The above is a current list of gear in-house that I own and operate with. I always have access to additional gear if necessary.



Please refer to my Pre Production Inquiry List to help ensure we have a smooth shoot.

For narrative works, I should be involved with the location scouts.

Additionally, you can use to get a sense of what noise is like at your desired locations.  If we are shooting exteriors in or near a red zone, please consider if this location is absolutely necessary.

* Please consider these issues when planning tight schedules and magic-hour shots.

“An Open Letter from your Sound Department”

Great sound takes COLLABORATION WITH THE ENTIRE PRODUCTION (beginning with pre-production). I encourage you to read the above document and help me help you create the best possible quality recording to capture the performance.

Making Productions Green SAVES YOU MONEY!
In an effort to be Eco-Friendly, I use Rechargeable Batteries whenever I can and only purchase a smaller number of lithium-ions (NOW AT $3/battery!! Inflated 50% from 2021) for certain situations and backup. This SAVES YOU MONEY and KEEPS OUR PLANET HAPPIER! I charge a small daily fee to keep my stock replenished, as their cycles wear out per-use.