Post Mixing, Editing & Design

Sound is the most powerful receptor of emotion and understanding. My passion as a sound designer is to shape audio in a way that brings your project alive with regards to that mantra.


Dialogue Editing / Audio Sweetening

A Note on Editing for Different Applications:

Apps, ADR and video game content are treated differently than documentary, field recordings and video content.

With App Audio in general, I aim for it to sound like it were in a vacuum, pristine clean. Video Game and ADR is similar, as we will add wanted effects, reverb and manipulation afterwards.

On the other hand, in field and video you can accept that some of the ambient noise exists and aim to keep a steadier balance, narrative works being stricter with ambient and background noise and documentary works being more forgiving. My aim is to minimize noise, but maintain that the audio lives in the room that we see on screen. In some cases, I know that we will use sound design or music to hide the imperfections. Audio is edited with the mix in mind. This is the same way music recordings are treated as well.  That said, sometimes this means treating it like the App editing then manipulating to taste, other times it is about reduction and balance.

Each audio edit is entirely dependent on what is possible with the given recording weighed against what the desired output is.

Phone App Trivia [for a San Francisco Tech StartUp]


Audio Issues: Constant electrical buzz crossing 20+ tonal frequencies, loud noise floor from room , pops, clicks, edgy sound from poor recording technique and possibly hard compression.


While it’s been soften to feel less aggressive, some of the edginess remains from the original recording technique. Given it’s output for a radio-eque format intended for car listeners, this is acceptable for the market audience.

Radio Broadcast

“The Rant” – 15 sec Radio Spot for Punk Rock Radio Hour

“BECAFest” – Radio Spot for College Broadcast Event, 2010