Music & Sound Artist

Sound Art & Cinematic Themes

“Open Road” – On the open road, maybe a windy one, driving, open country, riding into dusk, mystery, introduction to a story

“Down a Dark Road” – Driving, winding, spiraling or building towards something dark, mysterious or otherwise daunting up ahead

“Escape or Die” – Tensions build turn to action, escape and fight by any means necessary

“The Tribunal of Penance” – a synth-style cinematic build up for a dramatic moment, judgement, battle

“Drowning” – a short sound art piece exploring death in the depths

“In The Ice Cave” – a cavern, a wintery cave, an icey sound loop within a snowy land

“Internal Conflict” – a musical sound art piece dealing with the demons inside

Music Projects

“In the Confines” – Michael David
Songwriter, Musician, Recordist/Mixer

“Polyphonik Love” – Michael David
Producer, Songwriter, Recordist/Mixer

“Wade Away” – Michael David
Songwriter, Musician, Recordist/Mixer

“Animal Sounds & Arrows” – High Cliffs

Live at The Stork Club in Oakland,Ca. Jan 28, 2013 – High Cliffs
Guitarist, Back Up Vocals

“Nothin” – Fever Scene
Guitarist, Vocalist & Songwriter

“The South Pass” – Michael David
Writer and Performer
Live at Ingite the Mic, June 24th, 2014. Recorded at

“Hippy Hugs” – Cuban Cigar Crisis
Guest Studio Lead Guitarist, Unreleased Version of Track